Tuesday, September 13, 2011

High $ociety - S.D. Fitted

First video,definetly not the last....enjoy!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yo November 12th at Witt's End in Downtown San Diego High $ociety will be present to destroy the building....will keep everyone posted on this...workin on several projects...keep your eyes & ears open for those...until next time H.$.O.D
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Vibe Out 2 S.D. Invasion Review...

Yo my fellow stoners...whats good?...The show was fucken dope!!!...O-phrap put together a great venue full of dope music,art,and fashion.Star in the Sky Photography took some great pictures and wrote a dope review...check it out!!!....

Last Saturday’s Vibeout SD Invasion Launch Party, at the Beauty Bar, in 4746 El Cajon Blvd. was probably the wildest show I’ve seen thus far. I’m actually upset at myself for missing the first two acts. Nonetheless, the show was incredible considering the variety of what San Diego to Orange County is throwing out in the underground HIP HOP scene. Although I felt all the acts made spectacular performances, there were some notable mentions in regards to unique flow and dynamic stage presence.

The acts I mentioned in particular were the Easy Money Gang who were throwing down a couple of mean tempos. Broken Dreams had an interesting mic tag team going on. DJ Deprave played deejay support for a very rthymical performance by FifthyFathms who showed off very original rhyme beats both in slow, mellow and heavy quick beat format. Depraved then put himself in the center stage with partner, Ash, as Universal Greetings and broke out a rather unique string of what I can only describe as bohemian psychedelic medley that only artist like OUTKAST would dare. Much praise for ROCK BOTTOM who brought back the hard beat tempo, as well as HIGH SOCIETY and Smalls Uno who extolled their loyalty to their SD fitted cap. But the act that I found in the caliber of overall stage command presence, audience interactivity in surrendered approval and emcee charisma was SOJOURN and his duo-collabo with host Archie Dean. YESSSIRRRR, the two were absolute stellar.

The VibeOut SD INVASION No.2 went wild. My ears are still throbbing in recovery.

An honorable mention to all the art installations who provided their talent and showcase. Special acknowledgment to Long Beach artist, Kenos One and his tribute piece to the late GURU of GANGSTARR fame.